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Zen Spring: Homage to Ralph Meatyard
Ralph Eugene Meatyard (1925 - 1972) produced an intriguing body of work, some of it reflecting on his interest in Zen philosophy and mysticism.
If Vermeer Drank Coffee
Created as part of a parody series (and just for fun), this image draws attention to the work of Jan Vermeer b.1632 - d.1675, specifically "Young Woman With A Water Pitcher" 1660-1662. Vermeer's paintings, it has been noted by some commentators, is all about light.
Apologies to Chuck Close, whose work I much Admire and pay homage to.
Roslyn's World 1977
This image is a slightly flakey interpretation of (or homage to) Andrew Wyeth's "Christina's World". I think I had seen Wyeth's painting back then, but having seen it again recently I immediately thought of the photograph we took on a journey heading east over the mountains to Port Macquarie (NSW Australia). We hadn't long been married, and this small shack about 100 metres off the road seemed to be somehow romantic, so she just had to go and inspect it. It's obviously a very personal image (a 35mm transparency scan) and I've treated the post processing to match the 'ambience' of my recollections; not for a technically correct image.
Rebecca 1989
This diptych is essentially a portrait of my daughter. There was no great intention to reveal character or truths as such, but with the passing of time, for me there are truths, albeit revealed with the use of metaphor. One of the influences, I wish to acknowledge, in the making of this diptych was the late Ralph Eugene Meatyard. His images sidestepped any attempts at making definitive interpretations, the viewer left with a sense of mystery and a 'head' full of questions.
Sod Breaker 1997
The Sod Breaker 1997 was made for the express purpose for inclusion in a group exhibition titled "Forgeries" (to include parody, satire etc., of past works, iconic paintings, photographs, and other medium ). I chose to pay homage to a photograph made by Max Dupain "Sunbaker 1937" that has an iconic status in the Australian arts community at least. Sunbaker was seen to have epitomised the ideal Australian life; sunbaking on the beach in summer. Sod Breaker 1997 is a parody, subverting this iconic ideal of sun, beach and leisure using black humour to convey the existential problems in the form of drought conditions faced by Australian farmers at the time.
In 1973 I bought a magazine called Photography Annual and in it saw a photograph by Ann Meuer (page 167) which she made an image to place on a greeting card for the purpose of inviting their friends to visit and stay with them. Early 1989 I saw this derelict house not far from home and I recalled Ann Meuer's image from 1973, so we gathered a few props and my long-suffering family and set about making this image. A few weeks later and the 'building' was gone (moral: don't put off till tomorrow .... )
Zen Spring: Homage to Ralph Meatyard If Vermeer Drank Coffee Bob Roslyn's World 1977 Rebecca 1989 Sod Breaker 1997 Domesticity
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